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    Incredibox Chart

    Number 2 in Educational Games
    Incredibox is a musical game that helps you create a mix very easily by managing a band of beatboxers. Just drag and drop icons on the different characters and start creating music...
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    The EO Bar Chart
    The EO Bar
    The EO Bar

    Number 2 in Health & Fitness (No Change)
    THE essential oil app, created by oil users for oil users. You will get a complete essential oil and aromatherapy education rolled into one easy to use app. With over 300 recipes a...
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    Auria Pro - Music Production Chart
    Auria Pro - Music Production
    Auria Pro - Music Production

    Number 4 in Music (+4 today)
    Auria Pro - Mobile Music Production. Redefined. "This is the first mobile mixing (AND recording AND post production) app that I've ever used that is truly professional. Just Wow ...
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  4. 4.
    Street Fighter IV CE Chart
    Street Fighter IV CE
    Street Fighter IV CE

    Number 5 in Arcade Games (+3 today)
    “It’s still fun as hell.” - Touch Arcade A new warrior has entered the ring! Take control of 31 world warriors and test your mettle against players from around the world. S...
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  5. 5.
    iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading Chart
    iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading
    iLovecraft 2 Immersive Reading

    Number 6 in Books (+5 today)
    Read, listen, play and move your device, to dive into the story like you've never done before. Going much further than reading a text with illustrations; the experience has animate...
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  6. 6.
    Meet 'n' Greet - Airport Sign Chart
    Meet 'n' Greet - Airport Sign
    Meet 'n' Greet - Airport Sign

    Number 9 in Travel (-3 today)
    Meet 'n' Greet - A customisable Airport Sign. With a few taps, you can add combinations of company logos and text, to create your personalised digital Meet 'n' Greet sign. Includ...
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  7. 7.
    Different Drummer Chart
    Different Drummer
    Different Drummer

    Number 17 in Music (+39 today)
    NOTE: Now using MIKMidi so may need some tweaking. Help me improve it! "Different Drummer blows my mind and that's pretty hard to do."—Dave Taub, drummer for Billy Idol, John Le...
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  8. 8.
    SCP Foundation nn5n offline Chart
    SCP Foundation nn5n offline
    SCP Foundation nn5n offline

    Number 18 in Books
    SCP Foundation DB nn5n - this is a collection of stories, for all sci-fi fans and for people who like horror experiences and also for writers, screenwriters. This is an unofficial ...
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  9. 9.
    Her Story Chart
    Her Story
    Her Story

    Number 19 in Word Games (-9 today)
    A real life crime story where you play detective. ** Winner of 3 Bafta Awards, 2 IGF Awards, 3 GDC Awards, Best Narrative & Best Performance at The Game Awards 2015, The Grand Jur...
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  10. 10.
    iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1 Chart
    iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1
    iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1

    Number 22 in Books (+279 today)
    iClassics: Beyond Engrossing iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone. From the producers of the acclaimed iPoe Collect...
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