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    Solar Eclipse Glasses Chart
    Solar Eclipse Glasses
    Solar Eclipse Glasses

    (+2 today)
    Solar Eclipse Glasses turns your iPhone/IPad into a sun observatory. You can decrease the brightness and exposure of your built in camera to the maximum and permanently, to watch t...
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    Solar Eclipse Timer Chart
    Solar Eclipse Timer
    Solar Eclipse Timer

    (-1 today)
    ONLY Useful If You Are Going To The PATH Of TOTALITY!! Solar Eclipse Timer is your smart phone guide for a total solar eclipse. It's like having your own personal astronomer help...
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    Solar Eclipse Glasses & Timer Chart
    Solar Eclipse Glasses & Timer
    Solar Eclipse Glasses & Timer

    (+5 today)
    Solar Eclipse Glasses & Timer is finally here!* You can finally watch the solar eclipse without burning your eyes out! Simply hold your phone up to the Eclipse and it will do the r...
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    Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day Chart
    Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day
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    SkyView® - Explore the Universe Chart
    SkyView® - Explore the Universe
    SkyView® - Explore the Universe

    (+1 today)
    SkyView® brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more! Over 1.7 million down...
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    Minecraft: Pocket Edition Chart
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition
    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    (-4 today)
    Our latest update includes new gameplay features like llamas, Forest Mansions, Illagers and shulker boxes! Plus, we have incredible skins, textures, and maps from the community in ...
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    Heads Up! Chart
    Heads Up!
    Heads Up!

    (-2 today)
    It's the game The New York Times called a "Sensation," and Cosmopolitan said "will be the best dollar you've spent." Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres th...
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    SkySafari 5 Plus Chart
    SkySafari 5 Plus
    SkySafari 5 Plus

    (+25 today)
    Countdown to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun with SkySafari. New eclipse feature lets you know exactly when the eclipse will start in your location, how long it will las...
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    ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW Chart
    ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW
    ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW

    (+39 today)
    APP STORE BEST OF 2014/15 Selected among the best apps on the App Store for two years running. TRUSTED BY OVER 6.5 MILLION USERS WHAT PEOPLE SAY "This app provides more co...
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    Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map Chart
    Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map
    Star Walk 2 - Night Sky Map

    (+24 today)
    Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 Star Walk 2 is a next-generation tool for not only learning the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, ISS, satellites, s...
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