Embedding TopAppCharts

Ourselves, along with many programmers, are the good kind of lazy. We'll spend weeks or months making a program that will let us automate some task so we don't have to spend 10 minutes doing it every day :) (Of course we'll then try to sell it too!)

As we keep making apps, we'd forget to update all the different websites as a new one came out. Peter had the idea, "What about including TopAppCharts results, then it's always updated."

We added embedding of TopAppCharts results so we could use it on our websites (like here), and always have the current set of our apps showing. And you can do the same.

The Code To Do It

<iframe src="http://www.topappcharts.com/search.php?show=author&authorid=286479939&embed=1&showgraphs=0&showranks=0&price=any" width="800" height="600"></iframe>

Change the authorid to be the correct value for your company. If you still want to have the graphs or rankings, remove the "showgraphs=0" or "showranks=0" items.

The height and width can be changed to fit your website design.

Really, any of our search results except your Favorites can be embedded, just get the results you want, then copy the URL and add &embed=1&showgraphs=0&showranks=0 to the end of the URL.

Top App Charts