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We've made a bunch of iPhone apps. Every few days, we'd check the iTunes store to see how our apps were doing in the rankings.

I eventually thought, what if there was a better way. A website we could check that had all our rankings in one spot with nice graphs and everything. Voila!

I wish we'd had the idea earlier, and had ranks back to when the App Store opened. But no; so we've only got the rankings starting August 1, 2009 (and iPad apps starting May 22, 2010).

How We're Paying For This

Rather than have tons of ads everywhere, we setup to use Apple's affiliate system when you click the "Get It" links. This way doesn't cost anything from the app developer, we just get an affiliate percent from Apple if you ever buy an app from one of the links.


Again for ourselves, we made so the results could be embedded in another website. (So we could have all our sites show the current list of apps without having to update when new versions or apps are released.) You can do the same, details are here.

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