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These Apps On Sale Ads are available for any app developer to use. They show apps which have recently had a price-drop, making them very attractive to users.

Even apps that have price-dropped to FREE can earn affiliate income if the user purchases something else (anything else) within 24 hours of clicking/tapping your ad, and the referral is still set to your ID.

There is no sign-up or registration with TopAppCharts required to display these ads.

Your affiliate income will come directly from PerformanceHorizon (or previously LinkShare).

The only 'fee' for the use of this service is that 25% of the time, advertisements will use our affiliate ID instead of yours.
The 25% is the first 15 seconds of each minute, as determined by the server's clock. This keeps things random on the user end, but still easily verifiable.

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iPhone Portrait - 320 x 50

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Web - 468 x 60

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NOTE: If no results are found in your requested category or price range can be found, a wider search will be performed.

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