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Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker, Widget & Complication Screenshot
Fully customizable cryptocurrency ticker with support for top 100 cryptocurrencies.

- display price of any cryptocurrency
- updates every 2-5 minutes
- customizable icon (only for iOS 10.3+)

- displays 2-10 favorite cryptocurrencies
- updates every time you view the widget

- displays 4-20 favorite cryptocurrencies
- customizable complications for every watch face
- complications update every 20-30 minutes
- QR code request (BTC, LTC, DOGE)

- create list of favorite coins
- detailed graphs over day, week, month, year, quarter, year
- drag finger across graph to view price at precise date
- suport for Peek & Pop (quick preview from home screen)
- 3D Touch quick actions

Supported currencies:
- US Dollar (USD)
- Bitcoin (BTC)
- Euro (EUR)
- Australian Dollar (AUD)
- Chinese Yen (CNY)
- British Pound (GBP)
- Canadian Dollar (CAD)
- Russian Ruble (RUB)
- Japanese Yen (JPY)
- Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
- Indian Rupee (INR)
- Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Supported cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Ethereum Classic, MaidSafeCoin, NEM, Augur, Iconomi, Steem, Factom, Tether, Waves, Dogecoin, Zcash, DigixDAO, Golem, Ardor, Stellar Lumens, Lisk, GameCredits, Komodo, ShadowCash, BitShares, Bitcrystals, Counterparty, Bytecoin, Decred, SingularDTV, Siacoin, Byteball, Stratis, BitcoinDark, Emercoin, Xaurum, Nxt, Gulden, Storjcoin X, Peercoin, First Blood, Nexium, E-Dinar Coin, AntShares, SysCoin, I/O Coin, Golos, Rubycoin, Nexus, Agoras Tokens, Creditbit, BitConnect, YbCoin, Synereo, Namecoin, SolarCoin, GridCoin, BlackCoin, Swiscoin, SuperNET, NAV Coin, LoMoCoin, Boolberry, SARCoin, SIBCoin, ZCoin, Pascal Coin, DigiByte, Clams, Global Currency Reserve, Omni, Ubiq, Veros, Aeon, BitBay, vSlice, Vertcoin, NautilusCoin, Adzcoin, HEAT, Burst, Expanse, CureCoin, Lykke, Radium, PIVX, MonaCoin, FairCoin, Incent, Steem Dollars, Arcade Token, VPNCoin, LBRY Credits, Scotcoin, VeriCoin, Auroracoin, Feathercoin
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