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Best Chart Rankings*
#2 in Music Games (iPhone) on Oct 3, 2017
#2 in Music Games (iPad) on Sep 10, 2017
#26 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Sep 2, 2017
#7 in Kids Games (iPad) on Nov 8, 2014
#4 in Adventure Games (iPhone) on Nov 7, 2014
#3 in Adventure Games (iPad) on Nov 7, 2014
#12 in Top Games (iPhone) on Sep 7, 2017
#6 in Top Games (iPad) on Sep 7, 2017
#25 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Nov 8, 2014
#7 in Top Apps (iPad) on Nov 8, 2014

Today's Chart Rankings*
#36 in Music Games (iPad)
#59 in Music Games (iPhone)

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A peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity.

Explore an ocean dream world, in which time passes even when you are not there, visit forgotten islands and piece together memories – some even existing beyond the screen of your device.

The Sailor’s Dream is a novella, a folk EP, and an art installation wrapped into one app ... It’s an inspired example of what storytelling can be in the 21st century and the way modern technology can shine new light on well-worn conventions.” - A.V. Club

“Its lonely, bittersweet tale—told in a wonderfully unique mix of approaches—is the best storytelling I've ever played on my iPad.” - Kotaku

“It's an experience that's entirely about the narrative, but one uniquely built for smartphones and tablets. The peaceful visuals, the wonderful music, the sharp writing, and the simple interactive toys all go towards creating an atmosphere and telling a story.” - The Verge

“... you can easily wander for hours through The Sailor’s Dream making music, playing it not like a game, but as an instrument ... If you are looking for a space to contemplate, a place to linger, a path to walk in patient consideration, you will find yourself at home in The Sailor’s Dream for quite some time.” - Kill Screen

“A world-in-miniature put in the palm of your hands, which rewards you for your exploration of it with sensory delight. And perhaps most powerfully of all, pushes you to feel deeply for its inhabitants.” - Gamezebo
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