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The inspiring award-winning children's book about an extraordinary young girl who despite the disapproval and naysayers in her town, discovers her own unique love and joy really do come from inside! As she lets her own unique self shine, Wenda inspires kids and adults to celebrate and express their own unique self too! Readers of all ages will love the empowering theme, heartwarming inspiration and infectious joy Wenda shares in this timeless kids storybook.

Enjoy stunning illustrations, wonderful touch-and-tap animations, and original music score! Narrated by writer/creator Christopher Aslan

Nice Things People are Saying….

" We loved it!
"Heartfelt and Empowering!"
“ I fell in love with Wenda. The message I love for kids is to always be yourself”
“Just know - this story will inspire you and your children”
“Every little girl should have this storybook”
"What a great message for kids! ( and adults!)
Be True To you, and, love others too! "Be your own love and approval, now that's a message I would have liked as a young person!"

Winner -"Creative Child Book of the Year!"

*Touch and tap animation surprises!
*Narrated By Christopher Aslan
*Original Music Score
*Multiple reading modes: * Read To Me. * Read Myself *
* Enjoy “Auto-play” as Christopher reads the entire story to you!
* Quiet Mode... We all need this one at times!
* No in-app purchases
*No ads! Just a great story!
*Universal App. Optimized for iPad!
*Plays on - iPad iPhone and iPod touch

Aslan Studios is family entertainment company developing original and imaginative interactive stories that entertain, connect and inspire kids and parents for generations to come.

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