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#16 in Dice Games (iPhone) on Oct 13, 2017

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iYatzy is containing 3 different Yatzy games (American Yatzy, Yatzy and Maxi Yatzy).

Playable for 1-8 players.

iYatzy is currently a one device game. Which means that all players must use the same device to play. You do not need to have internet connection to play.

Choose the type of game and mode of the game and quickly add players with spesific color by putting names in the text boxes.

You also have types of dices to choose from. Square and round dices. The color of the dices are reflected to the color of the player.

Leaderboards contain a top 10, for each of the game types.

You can resume a current game.*

Opportunity to print gameboards for off-device play
Printouts for A4 and US Letter are supported.
Printouts are localized.

Languages that are currently available in this app:

* English
* Norwegian

Leaderboards do not differentiate game modes.

* Only one current game can be resumed. If a new game is created, the old game are removed.

For printers supporting airprint.
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