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MuseScore Songbook - Sheet Music Screenshot
MuseScore Songbook lets you play and practise more sheet music at home or on the go.

Find and discover new sheet music. Boost your practice by listening to the notes and change the tempo. Play or sing along using the parts mixer.

While the app has no functionality to notate music, creating and adding your own scores can be done using the free MuseScore notation software for desktop.

Main features:
* Listen to the sheet music
* Select parts to be displayed
* Select parts to be played
* Original score layout
* Staff resize
* Transpose
* Open MuseScore (.mscz) files via Dropbox, email, browser
* Online access to sheet music shared by the community
* Download sheet music for offline usage to built-in library
* Multitrack playback with volume control
* Real time adjustable tempo
* Metronome with volume control

MuseScore Songbook requires iOS 7 or later and is supported on these devices:
- iPhone 4 and later
- iPod Touch 5th and later generations
- iPad 2 and later
- iPad Mini

By purchasing this app, you support the future development of the free and open source music notation software MuseScore. Thank you!


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Q Can I notate music with this app?
A No, you can not. To notate music, use the free notation software available on

Q Can I open my own .mscz files with this app?
A You can open files from email, Dropbox, websites etc...

Q Why do I need to pay for this app while MuseScore for desktop is free?
A Your purchase is used to fund the open source development of the music notation software MuseScore and keep it free.


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