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#113 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Feb 4, 2014
#164 in Kids Games (iPad) on Nov 21, 2013
#12 in Photo & Video (iPhone) on Jan 31, 2014
#9 in Photo & Video (iPad) on Feb 8, 2014
#3 in Utilities (iPhone) on Nov 20, 2013
#5 in Utilities (iPad) on Nov 21, 2013
#112 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Nov 21, 2013
#155 in Top Apps (iPad) on Nov 21, 2013

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#82 in Utilities (iPhone)

Wallax Screenshot
Are your photos zoomed in when setting as wallpaper?
Wallax app has 100s of options to solves the wallpaper zooming issue.

Featured in iMore.com as No 1. Choice for Best Wallpaper Apps

"One of my favorite wallpaper apps and one of the first apps to fix the wallpaper issue in iOS 7. Wallax is hands down the best option." - iMore


- Scale & Resize your wallpapers on black, white, color, gradient or blurred background.
- Fix your wallpaper in few taps.
- Make minimal wallpapers by using Color, Gradient, Pattern, Bokeh and Text options.
- Add Following Effects
+ Refection - Adds reflection to make your photos to fit the correct wallpaper size.
+ Tile Photo - Repeats the photo to make a wallpaper.
+ Frames - Combine two or more photos to make a wallpaper.
+ Shapes - Mask your photo to predefined shapes to make wallpapers.
+ Blur, Bokeh, Text, Adjustment, Filters, Colorize, Pattern, Splash Effects
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