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#37 in Strategy Games (iPhone) on Nov 3, 2016
#21 in Strategy Games (iPad) on Nov 3, 2016
#13 in Board Games (iPhone) on Nov 14, 2018
#11 in Board Games (iPad) on Nov 21, 2018
#171 in Top Games (iPad) on Nov 3, 2016

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#109 in Board Games (iPad)
#176 in Strategy Games (iPad)
#183 in Board Games (iPhone)

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Learn to play and master the classic strategy board game chess with an app that takes you from easy beginner levels all the way to pro grandmaster! Play chess with friends in 2 player mode, or battle live via the online multiplayer mode using Game Center. Features chess problems, puzzles, coach to learn tactics, clock with various timer settings, 3d and 2d sets and more. Whether you wish to play a social game, against the computer, blitz or learn from a famous Magnus Carlsen game, this app has it all. Great for kids too. Masteroft chess has a prime engine that finished 4th best at the time in the world microcomputer chess championships! Trainer includes a move checker that highlights bad moves and shows openings.

Our best version of chess for trainee grandmasters!

Some fantastic features including:

Several databases including annotated.
No advertising.
Landscape mode.
Higher resolution artwork.
Advanced search.
Various types of Puzzle.
Timed Mode.
and more ...

You can still start off at a real low level of difficulty. There's a coach too.
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