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PALaw Series - Title 75 - Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania

A complete list of the laws listed within Title 75, the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Now includes PennDoT Pub 45 (Vehicle Inspections) - appended to end of statute list

This app is designed for police and law enforcement professionals but could be beneficial to those who want to learn more about the laws of the Pennsylvania.

List screen covers all statutes with details and language from the law books of the State of Pennsylvania.

PLEASE NOTE: This is MORE than just a list, if your select one of the statues listed on the main screen you will see the full text for that listed statute. Search feature is active.

Features include:
Search of statutes
Favorites list
Email a statute

This is a first release as of 04-26-2012. It is written by a police officer for other police officers and lawyers for ease of use. Please feel free to email any suggestions for improvement!

Thanks for looking!
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