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TriviArt - History Trivia with Art Screenshot

Are you a history buff…with some detective skills?
Here is a unique trivia game found nowhere else in the app store. Answer History Trivia questions while viewing beautiful classical art (paintings, sculptures, statues, ancient coins, etc). The questions will be directly related to the artwork or the artwork will contain clues to help you decide upon the correct answer.
Can you identify famous people from history from their images? How about cities, emperors, weapons, famous battles, etc. For some questions, you will need to figure out the location or event in the scene to be able to answer correctly. Get ready to become a historical detective!

This TriviArt app contains 200 questions from 10 historical categories:
•American Revolution
•Ancient Egypt
•Ancient Greece
•Ancient Rome
•Early Modern
•Greek Mythology
•Middle Ages
•Popes & Crusades

Learn as you play

After each question is answered an Info Button (i) will appear allowing users to click on it and view Wikipedia’s entry for that topic.


You will be able to view your score anytime to see your total correct answers by Category. You will also see percentages correct by category to see where your strengths (or weaknesses) are. Scores can be reset at any time to retake the trivia quiz from question #1.


The profiles area allows you to create a new profile allowing multiple people to use the TriviArt app. All progress will be saved separately by profile.

Review Answers

You can see all previously answered questions listed out in a table view. The correct answer (as well as any incorrect answers) will also be shown. Tap any question to bring up that question in full screen review mode. Swipe left or right to flip through all answered questions for review. Hit the Info button and read a Wikipedia entry on that topic.

Purchase additional Question Packs

Additional Question Packs as in-app purchases expand the fun and challenge. Look for your favorite category as a separate Question Pack available now or in the near future.

Additional Features
•Universal App (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
•Retina and iOS5 supported
•Swipe left to go back and review previously answered questions
•Hide Text Button feature allows full screen uncluttered view of artwork
•Audio feedback for correct or incorrect answer (can be turned off if desired)
•View Questions in either portrait or landscape mode
•Artwork provided for every question (unlike other text only trivia apps).
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