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#5 in Sports Games (iPhone) on Sep 22, 2012
#7 in Sports Games (iPad) on Jan 14, 2018
#60 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Jun 10, 2016
#147 in Kids Games (iPad) on Sep 19, 2015
#4 in Arcade Games (iPhone) on Jun 10, 2016
#9 in Arcade Games (iPad) on Apr 23, 2018
#35 in Top Games (iPhone) on Jun 10, 2016
#86 in Top Games (iPad) on May 17, 2017
#60 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Jun 10, 2016
#147 in Top Apps (iPad) on Sep 19, 2015

Today's Chart Rankings*
#37 in Sports Games (iPhone)
#37 in Sports Games (iPad)
#60 in Arcade Games (iPad)
#80 in Arcade Games (iPhone)

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- Chosen by Apple as one of the three best iPhone games of 2011

- Awarded Best Sports Game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2012


Become a BMX pro and perform spectacular tricks in breathtaking locations all over the world. Your skill and imagination are the only limits to the tricks you can pull off! Impress your friends by uploading your best runs to YouTube and Facebook.

We took everything that made Touchgrind into an App Store classic to the extreme and created Touchgrind BMX. At Illusion Labs we only release games that we are extremely proud of. We feel that BMX is the pinnacle of our productions to date!

Stunning 3D graphics, amazing physics and realistic sound. Collect medals and complete challenges to unlock many different bikes and locations. Watch replays, generate videos, export to your computer or upload to YouTube and show all your friends on Facebook, by just a few clicks.

- True physics
- The same revolutionary controls as seen in the original skateboarding game Touchgrind
- Many unlockable bikes and locations
- Earn medals and complete challenges at every location
- Record and replay your runs
- Create replay videos and show the world
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