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#1 in Sports Games (iPhone) on Dec 13, 2012
#9 in Sports Games (iPad) on Sep 8, 2018
#79 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Jan 14, 2018
#1 in Arcade Games (iPhone) on Dec 6, 2012
#9 in Arcade Games (iPad) on Sep 8, 2018
#1 in Top Games (iPhone) on Dec 6, 2012
#187 in Top Games (iPad) on Sep 8, 2018
#2 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Dec 4, 2012

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#100 in Sports Games (iPad)
#114 in Sports Games (iPhone)

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Play the most addictive golf game! No.1 Sports Game in over 100 Countries. "Impossible to put down" - EUROGAMER

No clubs. No rules. Flick, spin and curve your shots to sink the perfect hole-in-one.

Watch out for hazards! Bunkers, trees, sand and wind will all challenge your skills as you drive for the high score.

Flick Golf is just the most fun you'll have on the fairway, but practice makes perfect! The question is, can you master it?

"Full Fat Games have done it again but this time they have produced the best of 'em all." - APPYZILLA
"Will keep you coming back for more again and again." - TOUCH REVIEWS
"Flick Golf has taken me completely by surprise. This is a truly great reimagining of portable golf and I highly praise Full Fat for having the guts to blaze new ground." - NO DPAD
"Full Fat has picked up the ball-flicking baton from PikPok, laid it on the ground, and taken a nine-iron to it." - POCKET GAMER
"The game looks great with beautiful hole landscapes for each location all rendered in retina quality 3D. These are some of the best looking graphics yet on iOS devices which look so realistic." - iPHONE APPLES

• The best ball control from tee to hole
• Innovative spin-and-curve aftertouch
• Stunning golf course environments
• Challenging weather conditions
• Leaderboards and achievements

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