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Have you ever seen the crowds of people screaming and having fun playing Craps in a casino? And you wanted to join in on the fun, but it was too intimidating or just not the right time to learn?

For less than the cost of a bet on the tables, you can learn to play Craps in the time it takes to fly to Las Vegas!

Craps University is a comprehensive tutorial that focuses on teaching new players how to play craps and on helping experienced players hone their skills.

-Interactive Tutorial Mode that teaches you the game of craps.
-Over 50 pages of descriptions covering EVERY bet!
-Example images
-Single Player Mode with adjustable:
Bankroll up to $10 million
Minimum bet: up to $1 million
Maximum bet up to $1 million
Max Odds up to 10,000 times
-Challenge Mode
-$1 through $1 Million Chips
-Dice that roll across the table
-Fun Animations
-Intuitive Bet Interface
-Odds working option
-Save/Load Games
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