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Learn Pharm is a study aid for memorizing the most important drug and drug class information.

If you are a student in a medical field (e.g., Pharmacy, Pharm Tech, Nursing, MD, PA, NP, EMS) and want something to help you memorize drug facts then Learn Pharm is the answer.

NOTE: Learn Pharm is designed for use on iPads and iPhones with a 4.7-inch screen or larger (iPhone 6 or newer).

Learn Pharm includes the following features to help you learn drugs and drug classes:

- Includes the top-200 drugs (by sales rank)

- Includes 83 pharmacological classes representing the top-200 drugs

- Includes just the key information to memorize for drugs and drug classes (e.g., Generic and Trade Names, Indications, Class, Side Effects, Word Stems)

- Highly customizable drug and drug class quizzes

- Flash Cards for learning drugs and drug classes

- Ability to create a custom list of drugs for quizzes and flash cards

- Tracks quiz stats

Learn Pharm is a study aid for educational use only. It should not be used as a drug reference guide.
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