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#22 in Medical (iPhone) on Jun 1, 2018

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Save critical time in life-or-death situations! ParaMeds lets you manage drugs by name, weight, and dose helping you deliver the proper dosage in any situation. Simply select the category Adult or Pediatric, input your list of drugs, select the proper drug and input your list of weights. Then for each weight input the proper injection method, initial dose, and second or max dose. ParaMeds will create a database and save the information directly on your iPhone or iPad which allows it to be used with or without an internet connection. ParaMeds list the drug and weight selected in the navigation bar, along with being color coded for Adult and Pediatric as a safeguard to ensure your selecting the proper dosage. ParaMeds is ideal for paramedics, nurses and first responders but can be used by anyone. Including medical professionals, students entering the medical profession, and general home use.
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