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Want to get accurate temperature index at a glance? Thermometer X shows you the actual current outside / outdoor temperature and humidity (hygrometer) at your current location place. It gets the data from nearby weather stations.

Thermometer X even shows you the current outdoor weather conditions at your locality with a beautiful small icon!

These Are Awesome Features

* Real-time temperature information you can easily switch between celsius and fahrenheit.

* Automatically shows the temperature of your location or choose location.

* Super cool thermometer styles you can switch between a bunches of beautiful, colored theme layouts!

* This app is still in it's infancy and more features are planned... So stay tuned!

* Made with 'love' from Berlin, Germany!


If we'll reach 10.000 users till the end of the year, I'll start polling you guys for every upcoming feature updates!
So spread the word and start sharing! ;-)
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