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#81 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Oct 31, 2017
#1 in Social Networking (iPhone) on Nov 10, 2017
#81 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Oct 31, 2017

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#3 in Social Networking (iPhone)

WatchChat for WhatsApp Screenshot
WatchChat is the first app that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. You only need to scan a QR code and then you are ready to roll!

4 easy steps to set up:
- open the app on your Apple Watch
- open WhatsApp
- in WhatsApp, go to "Settings" > "WhatsApp Web/Desktop" > "Scan QR Code"
- scan the QR code that will appear on your Apple Watch after 10-30 seconds
- if a popup comes up, just try again, it will work out eventually :)

There will be a lot of updates in January and February (I will quit uni in favor of WatchChat) so if you have suggestions for further development or if you encounter issues while using the app, don't hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to help.
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