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#13 in Books (iPhone) on Jul 12, 2018

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Nathalie discovers how to become an artist in this children’s book that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Nathalie isn’t the best or worst in math, writing, or anything. One day, on her way home, Nathalie sees a poster to enter an art show! Never one to quit, Nathalie decides to create something and enter the art show to win the top prize.

Read along as Nathalie decides on what to paint, how to paint it, and struggles to complete her artwork and enter it for the art show competition. Is her work fantastic enough to win the top prize? Does it even matter?

Discover the joy of the creative process.
Engages the reader and cultivates a growth mindset.
Learn that mistakes lead to new opportunities.
Overcome the fear of judgement and gain confidence.
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