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#29 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Apr 3, 2018
#45 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on May 16, 2018
#26 in Family Games (iPhone) on Apr 3, 2018
#41 in Family Games (iPad) on May 16, 2018
#56 in Adventure Games (iPhone) on Dec 23, 2017
#112 in Adventure Games (iPad) on Dec 23, 2017
#180 in Top Games (iPhone) on Dec 24, 2017

Today's Chart Rankings*
#181 in Family Games (iPhone)

Orbu Screenshot
Orbu is an Augmented Reality (AR) game where you use a slingshot action to move cute creatures around different levels, feed the fish and win all three stars.

Pull down on the screen to aim your Orbu and let go to fire it around the courses, all beamed onto your living room floor through AR.

Walk around where you have placed the Orbu levels and move in closer to set up your winning shots!

- Captivating game experience
- Choose where you play – indoors, outdoors or on a flat surface like a tabletop
- Meet the different creatures in each chapter
- Guide the Orbu creatures to their spirit statue so they can find their home
- Even more new levels coming soon!

Augmented Reality allows you to project new worlds into your real world surroundings using the camera on your device.
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