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#3 in Simulation Games (iPhone) on Dec 7, 2016
#6 in Simulation Games (iPad) on Dec 5, 2016
#13 in Kids Games (iPhone) on Dec 5, 2016
#24 in Kids Games (iPad) on Dec 5, 2016
#4 in Family Games (iPhone) on Nov 8, 2018
#4 in Family Games (iPad) on Oct 4, 2018
#1 in Educational Games (iPhone) on Nov 5, 2017
#2 in Educational Games (iPad) on Jan 18, 2017
#9 in Top Games (iPhone) on Dec 5, 2016
#16 in Top Games (iPad) on Dec 5, 2016
#13 in Top Apps (iPhone) on Dec 5, 2016
#24 in Top Apps (iPad) on Dec 5, 2016

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#15 in Family Games (iPhone)
#35 in Family Games (iPad)
#36 in Simulation Games (iPhone)
#51 in Simulation Games (iPad)
#108 in Top Games (iPhone)
#167 in Top Games (iPad)

Farming USA 2 Screenshot
Plow, fertilize, plant and harvest your own crops on 9 different fields across 250 acres. Grow and sell corn, wheat, barley, soybeans and hay. Play cross-platform multiplayer with your friends, lending them a hand on their farm.

Feel the landscape as you roam in your tractor with realistic wheel physics!

Raise livestock in four unique ways!

- Cattle can be raised by pasture (where you can breed your own cows with bulls) or feedlot (for faster growth).
- Take ownership of a Dairy Farm to raise dairy cows and sell milk.
- Purchase the Hog Barn and raise up to 2,000 pigs!

On your off-time, head over to two logging forests where you can have a totally different experience as you cut down, haul and sell logs!

Use the market to control cash-flow as you see real time fluctuations.

Watch the weather as rain and sun affects the growth and harvest of crops! Too much rain and your fields become muddy. A hard snow in winter will require you to hook up the snow plows to get out of the lot.

Farming USA 2 is the sequel to the popular Farming USA, but with 4 times the farming size!

Control over 115 different vehicles and equipment while you expand your farming experience.

Features include:

- Hire workers to help to increase productivity time
- Unlock and expand your fields to make more crops
- Control realistic tractors while you tend your land
- Log trees for quick cash
- Weather impacts fields
- Full controller support
- Realistic day/night cycle
-Full seasons with mud and snow
- Control your settings to increase/decrease crop and animal speeds to fit your playing style
- Use tilt or slider steering, whichever you like best
- Change your graphic and resolution quality to heighten player experience
- Quickly teleport between tractors
- Manage fields, equipment and animals with a user-friendly menu
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