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Fun Army: Games For Kids - Is your little soldat a big lover of army guns or army trucks? If so, he or she is sure to love all of the games found in the army games for kids. This exciting activity app is filled with engaging war, army vehicles and shooting rescue sounds your little heroe can explore in the bootcamp...but the army games for kids 6 and under doesn't end there.

The activity app also comes with a modern army equipment matching game, and many beautiful, real military puzzle games.
Designed for 2 years and up. Gameplay is very simple and suited for younger children - when the sound of a army truck or shooting simulator is played your kid needs to touch on a friendly picture.

Main features:
- Real, high quality sounds of army men, army jet and tank shoot
- 4 fun memory games of militia equipment
- 10 Real, high quality puzzles for 3 difficulty level with military vehicles, and soldier troops
- WITHOUT disturbing Ads. This is a paid app, support development of future updates and new games for kids.

Another amazingly cool feature to the fun army: games for kids makes it even more awesome then just matching your little boy must find the icons that link for their match choices! And when they do make a linked match the little war game shows them the link. This important element, and the matching itself, provides a real educational bonus and playing army tank war games also promotes:
- Fine motor skills.
- Memory and recognition skills.
- Hand eye coordination.
- Early math concepts.
- Military knowledge

This application is under active development, we always welcome your suggestion to improve "military war sounds and puzzles" application.
Please send us email on appkeszito101 [-at-]

Don't wait! Download now and enjoy!
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