Dirty Birdy: An Evil Minded Rhyme Game Chart

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#5 in Word Games (iPhone) on Jan 17, 2018
#6 in Word Games (iPad) on Jun 13, 2018
#18 in Puzzle Games (iPhone) on Dec 25, 2016
#50 in Puzzle Games (iPad) on Aug 6, 2017
#112 in Top Games (iPhone) on Dec 25, 2016

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#11 in Word Games (iPhone)
#65 in Puzzle Games (iPhone)
#154 in Word Games (iPad)

Dirty Birdy: An Evil Minded Rhyme Game Screenshot
If you're someone that likes dirty humor with a twisted point of view, then this is the app for you. When you want a puzzle game that's fun and dirty, then look no further than Dirty Birdy!

The challenge here is to find the answer to the dirty question or riddle, but you'll have to work a little. Use the letters in the word bank to build a two-word rhyming phrase and if you're too dumb to figure it out on your own, there are other ways. The questions might be too tough for you, but hit the button at the bottom to get a clue. When you finally figure out the answer that's right, move on to the next one, and keep going all night! With hundreds of levels, and more being added all the time, you'll never run out of fun and dirty rhymes!

Check out these features guaranteed to blow your mind out your backside:
- A collection of puzzles that never stops growing
- Timed challenges to get your blood flowing
- Hints that keep the good times going

Whether you're going out for drinks or staying in because you don't have a friend, bring this game along, and the fun will never end!

The company that made this great game isn't just a bunch of Joe Schmos, this comes from the mad geniuses over at Evil Studios. They've got talents and skills of all kinds, and are the same team behind hits like Evil Apples and Evil Minds. Combining their twisted sense of humor with this addictive game play promises an app that you won't be able to put away!
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