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#15 in Trivia Games (iPhone) on Oct 14, 2017
#5 in Trivia Games (iPad) on May 1, 2018
#200 in Action Games (iPhone) on Mar 9, 2017
#135 in Action Games (iPad) on May 1, 2018

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Tug The Table 2 Screenshot
This is an interesting game requiring simple operation, and yes, it looks very amusing.
The characters in this game are just two red and blue guys, and it contains single-player mode and two-player mode.
In the game, all you need to do is to do whatever you can do to pull your opponents over the whit line,making them fail to pull a desk and catapult their heads out, which we are not taking responsibility for.

When you are boring, you could play the game with your friends to kill time. You are going to burst into laughing looking them pressing the button madly and their red face for holding down for so long.

The game includes the function of choosing scenarios. After you beat a certain amount of opponents,you would be able to open some new scenarios and unlock new characters. (We will add more colorful scenarios and more attractive characters later.)

Remember: for joking, we are serious!
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