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Solve logic grid puzzles similar to Einstein's famous zebra puzzle ("Who has the fish?") on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV!



36 riddles:
• 15x easy (4 values per category)
• 6x medium (5 values per category)
• 15x hard (5 values per category)
• additional levelpacks available via in app purchase

3 layouts:
• classic
• wood
• night
each in the variants
• full/empty
• plus/minus
• check/cross

2 languages:
• german
• english

easy solving of riddles by tapping:
• tap once for "does not match"
• tap twice for "matches"

additional features:
• timer and Game Center support
• current state can be checked at any time
• solving table as assistance for a better overview (iPad only)

completely free of advertising!

compatible devices:
• iPhone 5 or newer
• iPad
• iPad Pro
• Apple TV 4
(requires iOS9/tvOS9 or higher)


If you like the app, please leave me a good review!

If you have questions, problems or suggestions, please contact me by email to logicals@icloud.com.

Follow me on Twitter: #luethslogicals

New riddles are in progress and coming soon!
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