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Do you ever wanted to look at old fashioned Desk Clock? Well here it is!

• ABSOLUTELY NO ADS. Do we need to say anything more? (IAP required to unlock items)
• Most realistic looking digital alarm desk clock app available in app store! We are actually ONE OF A KIND!
• It shows you 100% accurate current weather forecast (IAP)
• Extremely easy to use interface.
• Super smooth digital clock movements
• Support both landscape and portrait modes
• Choose from 4 different desk clock display modes
• Available in beautiful green night mode
• You can choose from 37+ alarm ringers. (IAP)
• If you set the alarm time and put this app in the background by pushing home button, it will still sound the alert and ring the alarm sound! (IAP)
• Put this clock on iPAD docking cradle and just get mesmerized by seconds ticking by
• You can also play your own music while watching the clock

* NOTE: Due to sound time restriction, when app is off or in the background we run the default alarm sound. If you keep the app running in the foreground then you will hear the alarm sound that you selected

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